We are a non-profit organization, that helps adults on the edge of society to become IT professionals.
We provide mentoring, coaching and hybrid social activities, where anyone can participate.

What we do

We strive to mentor and help people in Denmark, Greenland and the Faroe Islands, that want to learn Danish through social activities or gain IT skills to stand out on the job market.
We facilitate online community groups for all adult members interested in learning together on open source projects, with the help of senior IT-professionals as mentor on your individual learning paths.

How we do it

We provide member services like personal coaching and hybrid social group activities.
All people not quickly accepted into the heart of society, is our main priority. 

Why we do it

We are a diverse community of people interested in different computer science topics, that collaborate to become the best IT-professionals we can possibly be. We believe in healthy lifestyles that include general wellbeing and mental health to have a good work life balance in a future job.

Learn more about Butterflies communities and holistic learning spaces

  • Promoting mental wellbeing
  • Tailored coaching strategies
  • Reflection and evaluation
  • Support system

  • Find your online community
  • Peer-to-peer learning with a mentor
  • Learn to work in a diverse team
  • Work on open-source projects
  • Get real work experience

  • Learn Danish in social context
  • Hybrid social activities
  • Participate online or in person
  • Start a local hybrid community
  • Meet up on a regular basis

Our business partners

We partner with established providers of computer science courses and mentoring to give you the best advice for a path to become a IT-professional. We partner with companies and organizations, that are open to create internships for new IT-professionals, that have a different background or need flexible work conditions.